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Family Law Relating to the Following Areas:

• High Asset Divorce / Separation
• Divorce with Business Divisions
• Mediation & Litigation
• Child Custody
• Visitation & Child Support
• Spousal Support
• Enforcements & Modifications
• Restraining Orders
• Marriage Settlement Agreements

Areas of Practice

John Has a Wealth of Experience In Numerous Legal Areas

High Asset Divorce & Separation


If you have significant assets, then you probably have a lot at stake. You will want Mr. Anderson’s expertise in developing an aggressive strategy to negotiate the best possible outcome for you. From the division of marital assets to spousal support, knowledge of the law and of your rights will make a difference in the outcome.

Divorce with Business Divisions


He understands the most personal and complex legal issues that affect every aspect of the family law arena. As a savvy businessman and entrepreneur, he brings to the table a strong business background and understanding of what happens in the real world. He is experienced in negotiating cases that involve complicated business situations.

Mediation & Litigation


Mr. Anderson is a strong and confident litigator. He has served as a pro-tem Judge in the San Diego Court system, and has earned a reputation throughout as a tough, honest and fair-minded attorney with unwavering perseverance and a strong ability to resolve issues in the best interest of his clients.

Child Custody, Visitation & Child Support


Recognizing that the welfare of your children is the most important aspect of your case, strategic planning is often required. Whether your custody disputes are simple or complicated, it is important to choose a lawyer who has the experience and tenacity to negotiate or litigate on your behalf. Mr. Anderson is highly experienced in aggressively representing his clients’ position with regard to what they believe is in their children’s’ best interest.

Enforcements, Modifications, Restraining Orders, Marriage Settlement Agreements


Whatever the situation may be, Mr. Anderson will discuss the best course of action for you. When things need to be resolved quickly, he uses the law to best defend and protect your rights.

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