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John F. Anderson is one of San Diego’s premiere Family Law Attorneys. His expertise in dealing with high-asset cases is well-known within the San Diego legal arena. He has an impeccable reputation for being tough-minded, honest and fair with all parties involved. John is skilled and aggressive with negotiations and litigation, and has consistently delivered favorable results for his clients. His personal integrity and professional ethic largely influence how he prepares and works with his clients to help them deal with the process at hand.

Mr. Anderson has served as a pro-tem Judge in the San Diego Court system. His ability to resolve disputes and relentlessly tackle important issues is a big part of how he runs his practice. He will always let his clients know their options and what the law dictates in order to do the best job possible for them. He also brings to the table his experience as an entrepreneur and savvy businessman for many years prior to his law profession.

John F. Anderson


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Our History

Admitted to US Court of Appeals 9th Circuit

Admitted to US District Court Southern District of CA

California Bar Admission

John is a member of the San Diego Bar Association.

Juris Doctorate

John F. Anderson received his J.D. from Western State University College of Law.

Bachelor of Science in Laws

John F. Anderson received his B.S.L. from Western State University College of Law.

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