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"We are bound by client attorney confidentiality"

What Our Clients Say

"When I started divorce proceedings, one of the things I quickly learned is that most people who have been through a divorce don't have fond memories of their attorneys. A positive referral is hard to find. I'm the exception to the rule. I love my attorney. John Anderson - and the ladies in his office - took a world of abuse from my ex-husband, including a couple of visits that precipitated 9-1-1 calls, and countless irate phone conversations full of insults and every 4-letter word in the book. Through it all, John maintained his composure and dignity and at the same time never backed down an inch. I feel like my ex never won a single point against John - which was deeply gratifying for me after 20 years of being bullied. John was cautious about raising my hopes or expectations, always presenting worst case scenarios and playing devil's advocate. But at the end of the day, my property ..."
"Divorce sucks! Luckily I have Mr. Anderson and his staff to help me navigate the system. He is results oriented, proactive and always puts my best interests first. His staff is down to earth, understanding and always makes me feel comfortable even in the worst of times. I would highly recommend Mr. Anderson and his team."
"I would highly recommend John Anderson as a very ethical, experienced attorney who puts the best interests of his client as his top priority. In fact, I have done just that on 3 occasions, referring John to friends of mine who had been served with divorce papers."
"I met with 3 attorneys, including John Anderson, before I settled on his services. He knew just what needed to be done. I felt he listened to me carefully, and he had experience in handling my particular circumstances. Mr. Anderson’s team, with Rosa leading the way, was able to implement a plan for me and my child. I was always kept up-to-date with the proceedings, and I was always able to get answers to all my questions and concerns. Mine was partially challenging because my ex-wife and her attorney were throwing out so many lies and false stories to distract the court or paint me in a bad way. Mr. Anderson did his best in trying to move along the procedures that the other attorney was trying to drag on and on, which becomes very expensive. My child and I are in a much better place because of the hard work and care that Mr. Anderson and his team did on our behalf."
"John Anderson was extremely professional. He kept a very good rapport with the judge. I don't think we ever lost a motion within two years. I have known many attorneys in business and John stands out because he thinks outside the box. John helped me save my son from a bad situation. I received full legal and physical custody which is rare for a man. Financially, John kept me from going to the cleaners. Overall, great results! Thank you John Anderson."
Steve Coles

Why People Choose Us

Fight for Justice

Mr. Anderson has a reputation for his perseverance and tenacity in relentless pursuit of justice according to the law. Let him put his skills and knowledge to work for you. His aggressive and fair-minded approach has earned him respect throughout the Court system.

Best Case Strategy

No doubt that your situation may be challenging and difficult to resolve. It is important that you have an attorney who can get right to the issues at stake and not drag it out longer than necessary.
Mr. Anderson will discuss the best course of action for you and will be forthcoming in what you might be up against throughout your ordeal.

32 Years Experience

Mr. Anderson’s experience in the Family Law arena will be a great asset to you in your fight for justice. He also has served as a pro-tem Judge in the San Diego Court system over the last decade. There is no substitute for experience. Over the years, he has dealt with just about every situation imaginable.

Attorney John F. Anderson

Aggressive - Experienced - Successful

Mr. Anderson’s clients are usually those with significant assets. If you have a lot at stake, you will want his expertise in developing an aggressive strategy to negotiate the best outcome possible for you. He will be straight with you and will be able to determine what the best strategy should be to help you achieve the outcome you desire. When litigation is necessary, John is well prepared and ready to proceed in a professional, confident manner.

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